Thai Organic Swiss Water Decaf - Dark Roast 120z
Thai Organic Swiss Water Decaf - Dark Roast 120z
Thai Organic Swiss Water Decaf - Dark Roast 120z

Thai Organic Swiss Water Decaf - Dark Roast 120z

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Origin: Thailand

Region: Chiang Mai

Elevation: 1100m

Process: Swiss water

Thai Organic Swiss Water Decaf is grown in the Northern region of Thailand, known for it's temperate climate and soil highly rich in volcanic minerals. This coffee is shade grown without the use of pesticides or fertilizers.  This is a full body, well balanced coffee, easy to enjoy. 

Flavor Profile €“ Chocolate, Earthy, Spicy

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Customer Reviews

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Nice and strong. A bit too pricey for me though.

Hi Janis, Thank you for trying my coffee, I am glad that you enjoyed it. We do have some subscription options that you can choose for as low as $15.99/bag. Chad
This stuff is good!

I just happened upon this site while searching about different types of decaf coffee. I recently developed an intolerance to caffeine and I didn’t know what I was going to do without my coffee! This coffee is seriously good... the best decaf I have ever had and maybe even the best overall! So glad I found this site because now I don’t have to give up my daily coffee!

I am so glad that you love the coffee Jordan. Chad

This tastes like real premium coffee! I usually add a little bit of sweetener and dairy to my coffee but I'm drinking this one dark. It's packed with flavours and has no bitterness at all. The smell that came out of the bag when I opened it was delightful! The bag is resealable unlike most bags I've bought before. definitely a winner

Two thumbs up

I use a french press to make this coffee and it is excellent. Smooth, no bitterness. I also really like the packaging...easy to seal, so it stays fresh longer.


I am loving this coffee and have tried the Mexican...tough choice...delicious.
I have finally found a Swiss water decaf coffee and provided a service next to none.
I am hooked!