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Five Health Benefits Of Decaf Coffee

Most people I know kick off their day with a fresh cup of coffee. However, with more people becoming conscious about their health, they have started to rethink that morning cup of joe and look for ways to reduce their caffien intake. Organic,chemical free, Swiss Water decaf coffee is great alternative. We explore the top five benefits of decaf coffee.

  1. Sleep Quality: We know you know, but we can’t help beating on the drum of sleeping better. Switching to decaf coffee will improve your sleep leading to increased daily productivity, and improved mental health.  Decreasing overall caffeine with or without using decaf coffee will have the same effects, but we recommend substituting with organic decaf coffee to still gain from the other health benefits of decaf coffee.
  1. Antioxidants: Organic decaf coffee has almost as many antioxidant properties as caffeinated coffee. Antioxidants in decaf coffee or decaf coffee beans help to scrub your system of free radicals that cause cellular damage.  We recommend brewing using whole decaf coffee beans to preserve the antioxidant properties of decaf coffee until ready to brew.  Check out our full length blog post on the  antioxidant benefits of decaf coffee at:
  1. Reduced Type 2 Diabetes Risk: The title sums it up; both caffeinated and decaf coffee have shown to reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes. This can only be a good thing.....especially if you like the odd slice of organic decaf coffee cake. 
  1. Organic Decaf Coffee is Chemical Free: Not only do organic decaf coffees, and organic decaf coffee beans have antioxidant properties, they also help you put fewer harmful chemicals into your system when compared to some other decaf coffee brands. Our organic decaf coffee beans are decaffeinated using the Swiss Water process, which is a water based process that introduces no chemicals to the bean.  Other brands decaffeinate their decaf coffee beans using methylene chloride, which is a solvent that may still be present in trace amounts in some decaf coffee.  This is what gives some decaf coffee a slight chemical smell.  Here’s something to think about.....if you can smell the chemical in decaf coffee or decaf coffee beans, is it really a trace amount???  We recommend using only organic decaf coffee to eliminate the possibility of ingesting harmful chemicals.
  1. Heart Health: Are you like me...a little high strung, and anxious? Lowering your caffeine intake by drinking organic decaf coffee will help you stay more relaxed, which puts less stress on the old ticker!   We can’t guarantee that our decaf coffee beans will save your life, but staying calm only has benefits to your cardiovascular health.  If you already have cardiovascular problems, we recommend switching to decaf coffee as soon as you can.


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