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Love Everything About This Company

"Love everything about this company....thank you for making this decaf that is so delicious and no buzz that I could not have with other decaf. You can truly tell the difference❤ will be ordering more!!"

Holly Johnson

Excellent Coffee

"This coffee has excellent flavor and I would recommend it as a very good dark roast decaf coffee. It is hard to find flavor options in decaf coffee so I am excited to try more of your decaf coffees."

Linda Stippich

Great Coffee

"Blue Spruce decaf coffee has great full flavor without the caffeine. It is organically made with the only true way to make organic decaf coffee and that is swiss water processing. Thank you for the excellent service, price, and amazing product."

Michelle Paganelli

Fun Fact: Decaf is good for sensitive stomachs

Does the acidity of coffee ever upset your stomach? That’s a bummer, but decaf coffee can help you here.

You see, the stomach acid issue isn’t actually because coffee has too much acid. The issue arises because your stomach produces extra acid when it comes in contact with caffeine.

So yes, it is often an excess of acid that causes upset stomach after coffee. But no, it’s not because of the coffee acids themselves. It’s the caffeine. But is there a way to enjoy coffee without the discomfort?


Quality Guarantee

Blue Spruce Decaf Coffee Co. is committed to producing the highest quality decaf, all of our coffee is:

Swiss Water Processed

Certified Organic


Kosher Certified

Bird Friendly

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