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Mexican Organic Swiss Water Decaf - Medium Roast 12oz

Product image 1Mexican Organic Swiss Water Decaf - Medium Roast 12oz
Product image 2Voted best decaf coffee
Product image 3Organic decaf coffee beans

Regular price $20.99 USD

100% chemical free decaf coffee, that tastes great

Origin: Mexico

Region: Chiapas

Elevation: 1000m

Process: Swiss water

Mexican Organic Swiss Water Decaf is grown in the southern state of Chiapas, it thrives in the high growing region and rich volcanic soil.  This coffee is shade grown without the use of pesticides or fertilizers.  It is roasted to a full medium and appeals to a variety of palettes.

Flavor Profile Earthy, Sweet, Low acidity

At your door in 3 - 5 days

Customer Reviews

Based on 80 reviews
Joy Young
Flavor can’t be beat

I’m on auto ship because this is by far the best tasting decaf coffee I’ve tried. I don’t have to add anything to enhance the flavor. It’s smooth and delicious!

The best on the market

I drink about 8 cups of decaf per day using a Jura super automatic espresso machine. I've tried so many decaf options and this Mexican roast is the best on the market. I have very high caffeine sensitivity and this one has very very low caffeine content. The flavor is as robust and delicious as any regular bean around. Stumptown's decaf is great, but this bean is better. Buy it.

Brittany Kidd
AMAZING!!! Stuff!

Caffeine triggers my anxiety, even normal decaf! I have tried this coffee for a week, every day, and not one panic attack or weird feeling! I love it so much.

Joy Young
First coffee I can enjoy drinking black!

Have been looking for a smooth bold taste decaf coffee I am enjoy black, with oatmilk, and/or with unsweetened chocolate flavoring. Have tried so many brands I bought and brewed at home, and at coffee shops made for me. None have impressed me until now. It’s so good I’m going to get on a monthly plan.

Naomi Richman

Full bodied, but not bitter. It made a wonderful morning cup.

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