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Thai Organic Swiss Water Decaf - Dark Roast 12oz

Product image 1Thai Organic decaf coffee, swiss water, 100% chemical free, voted best decaf coffee
Product image 2Best tasting decaf coffee
Product image 3Organic decaf coffee beans

Regular price $20.99 USD

100% chemical free decaf coffee, that tastes great

Origin: Thailand

Region: Chiang Mai

Elevation: 1100m

Process: Swiss water

Thai Organic Swiss Water Decaf is grown in the Northern region of Thailand, known for it's temperate climate and soil highly rich in volcanic minerals. This coffee is shade grown without the use of pesticides or fertilizers.  This is a full body, well balanced coffee, easy to enjoy. 

Flavor Profile Chocolate, Earthy, Spicy

At your door in 3 - 5 days

Customer Reviews

Based on 59 reviews
lynn Dodge
Great coffee

I now need to drink decaf and wanted the best I could find. Blue Spruce is it. Bold taste without the caffeine!! Love it.

William C Worden
No it really is the best

The internet is littered with websites declaring this or that product to be "The very Best"! including coffees. I have tried many decafs declared to be "the best". A few very very good, some were OK and many were disappointing. So when Blue Spruce Decaf was labelled the best I was skeptical. Well I was wrong. This is truly "the best" decaf ever, anywhere.

Joan M
Close to perfect!!

I have been seeking an organic, robust, Swiss water processed Fair Trade decaf coffee. Blue Spruce nearly has it nailed! I have been told that in order to get the “robust”, it needs to be a blended coffee not easy to find. Of all the decaf coffee I have tried, Blue Spruce is one of the two top contenders. In addition to the quality of the coffee, the packaging is the most thoughtfully convenient I have experienced. In addition, the Customer Service is outstanding!

Best decaf coffee I've ever had.

We've tried many decaf coffees over the course of years, and it's extremely hard to find a good one that is not bitter or just sour altogether.
We were quite blown away by this coffee! Has the taste of the best coffee out there, and is still decaffeinated.

Alfred Lewis
Very good!!!

Very good just your web site has issues

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