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Why We Only Use Swiss Water Decaffeinated Coffee


Why we only use swiss water decaffeinated coffee!

The swiss water process uses pure water to gently remove caffeine; it is 100% chemical free and the only method of decaffeination that is certified organic world wide.

It is required in North America for decaf coffee to be a minimum of 97% caffeine free, the swiss water process is 99.9% caffeine free.  If you are sensitive to caffeine or just choose to avoid it in your coffee, the swiss water process is as close as you can get to being 100% decaffeinated.

How the coffee is decaffeinated!

The swiss water decaffeination process is a two step process involving two batches of green coffee beans.  The process begins by soaking the first batch of green coffee beans in water to dissolve the caffeine.  The water is then passed through a carbon filter.  The result is that the caffeine from the first batch of coffee beans is left behind in the filter.  The filtered water now contains the full coffee flavor without the caffeine.  The first batch of beans is discarded and the flavor enhanced water is used to remove the caffeine from the second batch of green coffee beans.

The second time, since the water is already saturated with coffee flavor, the caffeine is removed but the beans retain the flavor and aroma.

Look for the swiss water logo on your coffee to ensure that it is decaffeinated using the swiss water process.


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