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Decaf Coffee Fanatic Bundle

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We've combined all of our great coffee's to give you the ultimate fanatic bundle.

Customer Reviews

Based on 30 reviews
Jon Umlauf
Clean and caffeine free.

I’ve bee able to say goodbye to paroxysms of atrial fibrillation and sleepless nights. Thank you for doing this right and producing such an enjoyable flavor.

Joseph Felder

I was expecting three bags of decaf espresso. Instead, I got only 1 bag of decaf espresso. The other two bags were decaf regular coffee beans. My mistake, but obviously wasn’t clear to me. I’ve returned the 2 bags of coffee and am waiting for their espresso replacements. Although I guess I have no right to fight this, I’m kind of surprised that I’m being charged shipping to return the 2 bags and again to ship me the 2 espresso replacements.
As a side note, the decaf espresso was excellent.

Great bundle!!

All these bags have slightly different tastes. It brings an awesome selection of fine-tasting coffees to the kitchen!

Victoria Monson

I suffer with jitters and anxiety when I drink caffeinated coffee but I continue to drink it because the decaf I have tried was never as flavorful. Until i found blue spruce!! This decaf coffee is so flavorful! I use it in our espresso machine. The Thai and the Mexican are my absolute favorites. I can enjoy my favorite morning drink without any worries!

Lynn Taylor

Delicious, flavorful

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